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This Village Now Knows The Secret to a Healthy Life

Somnath, a poor farmer from Jharkhand, barely remembered a month passing without a visit to the doctor. The reason was not that he was suffering from any terminal illness, but because his family was consuming dirty water which often exposed them to diseases.

“We suffered from stomachaches, jaundice, typhoid and diarrhea,” said Somnath. “At the same time we were compelled to use open pond, river and well water for bathing. Due to bathing in filthy water, skin infections occurred on our bodies. Other families in the community also suffered badly due to the use of contaminated water. My whole village will assert this truth.”

But Believers Eastern Church provided free BioSand water filters and hygiene training to the community. Today many passersby stop by Somnath’s home and quench their thirst from the water filtered in bio-sand water filter.

The filter has improved the health of both Amarnath’s family and the village as a whole.

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