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A Distressed Family Receives Timely Help to Tide Over Dire Straits

When a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal on 25th April 2015, killing 9, 000 people and leaving 2.8 million people displaced from their homes, every house in Bishal’s village also was destroyed. Even the school in his mountainous village was damaged beyond repair.

Having no roofs over their heads, Bishal and the people of his village struggled to cope with the chilling cold. They struggled from food shortage and lack of electricity. Children were in need of school supplies as their books and other things were buried inside their houses.

In their time of need, Believers Eastern Church came to their aid and distributed immediate relief items to them so that they would be able to survive the disaster. The relief team from the church also visited this village again and distributed solar powered lanterns, mosquito nets, school notebooks and raincoats for the children.

Bishal and his family of four also received these relief items and they are so grateful that the church extended this help to them in time of their greatest need.

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