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What Are Signs of Not Depending Upon the Lord

June 24, 2019

As the disciples testified of Jesus after His resurrection and ascension, incredible miracles took place. All throughout the book of Acts, we read of how thousands believed on the Lord Jesus, lame people walked and the blind received their sight. As the educated theologians and experts in the Law watched the disciples and the miracles ... Continue Reading

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Run With Endurance

June 17, 2019

I am always intrigued when I watch the start of the marathon. The runners appear to be in top physical shape and are determined to do their best and many determined to win. However, it’s a whole different story when I watch them 15 or 20 miles later. They look exhausted from the hot sun ... Continue Reading

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God Moves Through Lives Surrendered to Him

June 10, 2019

Sometimes, I think we have this expectation that spirituality should be instant, like putting something into a microwave. We press a button and out comes a steaming hot cup of tea in just a few seconds. We want everything to work that quickly. The Christian life simply is not like that. Think about it. Take ... Continue Reading

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Missed Expectations

June 3, 2019

John the Baptist sat in Herod’s prison. Knowing that his life hung by a very thin thread, he sent two of his disciples to Jesus to ask, “Are You the coming One, or do we look for another?” (Luke 7:20). What had happened to the mighty, fearless preacher who called his whole nation to repentance ... Continue Reading

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What is the ONE TRUE CHURCH?

May 31, 2019

Watch Moran Mor Athanasius Yohan I Metropolitan’s Message on ‘The One True Church’

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7 Practical Ways to Overcome Discouragement

May 27, 2019

I want to share a few thoughts on things that have helped me in times of struggle and when I get discouraged. God has given us focus in the battle and weapons to fight with. First, no matter the reason for getting discouraged, think about the Lord. Hebrews 12:1–3 says, Therefore we also, since we ... Continue Reading

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How Do We Become Like Jesus?

May 23, 2019

Watch Moran Mor Athanasius Yohan I Metropolitan’s Message on ‘Becoming Like Jesus’

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Gratitude is About Noticing the Simple Pleasures of Life

May 20, 2019

Life is full of so many blessings. The question is: Do we take time to notice and acknowledge them as we go about our daily lives, or do we take them for granted? Pause for a moment and imagine losing even a few of the things that often seem so “normal.” Suddenly you can’t walk. ... Continue Reading

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Why Do We Need the Sign of the Cross?

May 15, 2019

Watch Moran Mor Athanasius Yohan I Metropolitan’s Message on ‘The Sign of the Cross’

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Our Success Comes from Knowing Who We Are

May 9, 2019

Jesus is our forerunner and our example. How did He build a strong foundation of who He was? A tiny eaglet fell out of his nest in a tall tree near a farm, and he landed in a chicken coop. He found himself surrounded by little chicks and thought they were his siblings. He grew ... Continue Reading

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