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Go to our contact page to connect with your local archdiocese. If there is not an archdiocese or diocese of Believers Eastern Church in your area, there are many other denominations around the world that are biblically Orthodox, and we recommend you join one of them.

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To join Believers Eastern Church, you will need to talk with the parish priest at the Believers Eastern Church in your area about becoming a member. If there are no parishes near you, please feel free to utilize one or more of our free books from our Resource section in order to deepen your faith..

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The clergy of Believers Eastern Church have undergone rigorous theological and missional training in one of our seminaries and have demonstrated faithfulness under the direction of one of our dioceses. This is a difficult process that takes years. If you are discerning God's call on your life to ordained ministry, contact the diocese or archdiocese in your area. If you live outside of a diocese, please contact our Synod Secretariat for more information.

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We strongly advise against ordained clergy switching denominations. However, if you still believe that God is leading you to serve in Believers Eastern Church, we suggest that you join a parish and serve as a lay person for a year. After that, if you still believe God is calling you to serve as a minister in Believers Eastern Church, consult your parish priest. If you live outside of a diocese, please contact our Synod Secretariat for more information.

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We discourage parishes from other denominations from leaving the authority of the church in which God has placed them. However, if you are not under the authority of a larger church or find that your parish can no longer continue in your church because it is not biblically Orthodox in its faith and traditions, please visit our affiliation page for more information.

Church Affiliation

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