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As we seek to worship God in spirit and truth, we find that this includes following Christ’s example of loving others and being obedient to His Great Commission.

Throughout the Gospels, Jesus spent most of His time relieving people’s physical suffering. Jesus always responded with compassion, regardless of the type of suffering people endured (St Matthew 9:35-38).

The Church often thinks of ministry as being either spiritual or social, but Jesus ministered to man as one whole being, made up of body, soul and spirit. This is why we are passionate about ministering to the needs of humankind, regardless of whether those needs are spiritual or physical, and it is also why we serve humanity regardless of caste, creed, or religion.


Poverty and its detrimental effects remain a serious problem for our world today. The poor often struggle to get one or two full meals per day and are dependent on daily wages to survive from day- to-day.

The Believers Eastern Church is actively involved in ministering to the poor in every diocese and through every parish.

We typically help around 150,00 families each year to break the cycle of poverty.

This is primarily done through education, medical care and providing income generating gifts. These gifts include sewing machines, livestock, carpentry tools, agricultural equipment and other vocational supplies. Vocational training provides recipients with the skills needed to provide for their families long-term.


The ancient Church, led by the Orthodox fathers, saw the book of Acts as a pattern—or blueprint—for the life of the Church. The book serves as a timeless blueprint for the life of the Holy Church and for fulfilling Christ’s Great Commission. It records how Jesus continued His mission through the Church and the Apostles. It is not a book of doctrines or theology, but of action and ministry.

Theology and doctrine always flowed out of mission, not the reverse. As God’s people obeyed His commands and followed His example, they were confronted with real-life situations that required practical solutions. Finding these solutions developed their theology and understanding of God and the Church (Acts 10:34-43). This pattern is evident throughout the book of Acts (Acts Chapters 2, 6, 13, and 15). This pattern continued in the ancient Church and throughout the centuries.

The mission of the Believers Eastern Church is to continue Jesus’ ministry according to that blueprint laid out in the book of Acts, taking His love in word and deed to the entire world. We encourage our entire church to accomplish this task; individual believers, families, parishes, dioceses, and the church as a whole should have as their primary earthly task to be obedient to Jesus’ Great Commission and fulfil the ministry He began.

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