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Our Churches


Believers Eastern Church believes that the ancient faith handed to us by Christ through His Apostles is timeless and capable of meeting the spiritual needs of any culture and generation. Jesus Christ, represented by the Holy Church, is the answer to the problem of this world and the individuals within it. Our church lives out this timeless faith in the power of the Holy Spirit and is regularly bringing Christ to those around us, both near and far.

When people come to our churches they should first and foremost experience two things. The first one is Jesus Christ. Through our times of worship, through the love of our members and in all the ministries of the church, people should experience Jesus’ love and presence.

Second, they should experience a church whose faith and practice are the same as the early Church. The book of Acts is our God-given blueprint for what the Church should be and do, and each one of our parishes seeks to embody the same spiritual DNA as the Church found within its pages. Our desire is not to be innovative in anyway, but to teach, practice and believe the ancient faith and to do so in a way that reaches and engages our generation. As someone once said, “Orthodoxy is not something to invent, but to perpetuate.”


Each parish is part of a larger body: its diocese, Believers Eastern Church and the “one, holy and apostolic Church.” Because we share the same spiritual DNA, each of our parishes are on their own journey to Christlikeness. Some may embody one aspect more than the other, but the following ideals and principles are what we strive to attain.


We believe the Eucharist to be the epicenter of our worship, and we read and teach the Holy Scripture in our worship services according to the ancient tradition.

The Bible is foundational for the individual believer. We encourage each member of our Church to read, memorize and meditate on the Scripture daily. Families include it as part of their family devotions.

The Bible, however, is for us not a book of doctrines and theology, but it is the living story of God interacting with His people. Through God’s Word, we learn of His love for us and how to love Him in return. To love God is to obey His Word (St. John 14:21).

To be Christ’s followers also means that we are a people of prayer, both individually and corporately. Embracing a sacramental life is a normal life of a Christian.


Jesus told His Apostles that the world would know they were His disciples by “their love for one another” (St. John 13:35). This is the primary goal for our church life. When we gather as the church or as families, our greatest desire is that we would truly love each other as Christ loved us.

Christ’s love was not only for His disciples but for the world. Therefore, our parishes diligently serve our communities as Jesus did. We seek to embody the compassion that moved Christ so often as He looked upon the poor, needy and suffering multitudes (St. Matthew 9:35–38).


The Triune God—the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit—is the reason, focus and aspiration of each of our parishes. When we gather, it is to gather around Him and to worship God in a manner pleasing to Him.

More important than doctrines, buildings and traditions is the supremacy of Jesus Christ. The goal of each parish and believer is to know Him and to become like Him. Jesus is not only praised with our lips but exalted with our very lives.

We acknowledge that the Christian life is impossible without the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. However, when the Holy Spirit is given His proper place, each believer and parish becomes a positive force to impact their community and world for Jesus Christ.


Jesus never intended for His Church to be self-centered or to spend its time within the four walls of the church building. He sent them out to minister to the world as He did. The book of Acts shows us what God intended for the life of the Church, and it centers on fulfilling Jesus’ call to take His love to a needy world in both word and deed.

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