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God’s call to His shepherds is to feed and lead the sheep, the people of God (St John 21:17). Therefore, our parishes seek to minister to the spiritual needs of its members, especially through our Women’s Fellowships, Youth Fellowships, Men’s Fellowships, and Sunday School.


Our Women’s Fellowship teaches, equips, and mobilizes women for ministry. Addressing the needs of women in our parishes varies depending on the region and can consist of vocational training, life skills training, and health training, as well as opportunities to bless their local community. Women’s fellowships help them become better followers of Jesus Christ, better wives and mothers, and better members of society.


Our Youth Fellowships provide an opportunity for young people to come together, nurture their faith, and live out the Gospel through service and love. From Bible study and prayer to community outreaches, our young people are encouraged in their common faith and by the love they experience from one another.


Our Men’s Fellowships meet regularly to learn how to be godly followers of Christ and to become effective witnesses for Him. Moreover, our gatherings serve as catalysts for mobilizing men towards community development initiatives and various outreach endeavors. Together, we strive to extend the transformative message of Christ’s love to every corner of our communities.”


Our Sunday School program provides a thorough Christian education and training for our children. As they learn the Bible, they also learn how to follow Jesus and become active members of the life of the Church. Our curriculum, Living God’s Way, provides age-appropriate teaching that is God-centered, practical, and world-changing.


The Believers Eastern Church is devoted to ministering to the needs of the local community in practical and empowering ways. Our clergy address the real needs of the people around them, and our churches often become community centers for sharing Christ’s love with the poor, helping people break the cycle of poverty. We are also actively involved in our communities, raising awareness to today’s social issues and being part of the solution.

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