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Scattered across our various dioceses, our centres for theological formation (seminaries) train both women and men to serve God by continuing Jesus mission of love and service for the glory of God.

Ten of these centres focus on imparting special training specifically to serve the poor and needy in downtrodden areas. The rest cater to training the seminarians to study the Word of God and learn all that is required to carry on the vision and mission of the Church.

Located in our Synod Secretariat campus, the St Ignatius Orthodox Theological Seminary (SIOTS) is the flagship seminary of the Church and provides bachelor’s and master’s degree programs that are recognized by renowned theological accrediting agencies.

Our training focuses on building a deeper and more intimate relationship with Jesus, providing practical ministry tools, teaching the fundamental tenants of the Church and establishing the groundwork for knowing and living out God’s Word. This formation effectively equips our students to grow in their pastoral calling and enables them to become the future shepherds of our church.


While the rest of our seminaries offer theological diplomas, St Ignatius Theological Seminary offers Bachelor of Theology, Master of Divinity and Master of Theology degrees that are accredited by the the Senate of Serampore College (University) and the Asian Theological Association. SITS’s approach to teaching the Bible focuses on actively following Jesus rather than imparting intellectual knowledge alone. Classes cover a wide range of topics including theology, Church history and liturgical training as well as providing practical ministry opportunities.


As in all our seminaries, SITS’s primary concern for each student is their spiritual life and character formation. The seminary is led by a group of clergy and teachers who are deeply involved with each one of them, ensuring that the students are mentored to live as followers of Christ.

The spiritual life in the seminary includes celebration of the Eucharist thrice a week, weekly times of fasting and specific time taken for studying and meditation on God’s Word, throughout the day. Students spend one day of each month in silence and meditation. Apart from this, the students join with the community in prayer on all Tuesday evenings and once in a month, for a special whole-night prayer.

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