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This Christmas, Be Reassured That God is in Control


December 25, 2020

I pray you and your family have a joy filled Christmas and may the blessings of the Holy Trinity be with you for the New Year!

In C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia, the great Aslan tells the children that Narnia is really only a “shadow land.” As we look back at all the events from the year 2020, we can see so vividly that nothing here in this world, not even the mightiest nation or person on earth, is permanent. It is all nothing more than a passing shadow.

2,000 years ago, when the world ruling empires of Rome and Persia were on the brink of fading away, the One who is the Eternal King, the Creator and ruler over all, decided to be born as a man to redeem His creation.

As followers of this True King who gave up everything so that we could be redeemed and brought back into fellowship with our Creator, we also must do all we can to never forget the untold millions who are still waiting to hear the first Christmas story.

Maybe you’re asking yourself, “What is waiting for me in 2021?” No matter what it might be, you can be sure the same loving King is holding your tomorrow and underneath you are the everlasting arms! His loving, merciful hand will guide us.

May this Christmas be a time we are reassured of His unchanging promise: He is our Immanuel—God with us.

Merry Christmas.


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