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Prakash Lost Everything in a Deadly Cyclone, But Now He Has a House of His Own

Prakash Nayak was one among the thousands of those who had lost everything in Cyclone Phailin, which hit his home State Odisha in October 2013, destroying over 200,000 houses and leaving many homeless.

When Prakash had lost his home, even in his wildest dream he had never thought that he would be able to build a house. “We lost everything when Phailin hit our village, and we also lost all our hope of ever recovering from the damage caused by the calamity” he said. 

However, during this hour of crisis, Believers Eastern Church mobilized relief teams to bring life-saving aid to those affected by the cyclone. The church provided more than 30 tons of immediate relief materials to the victims. The church also took initiative to rebuild 300 brick homes for the families that were affected the most.

When the church built a new house for Prakash, he could not control the tears of joy in his eyes. With tear filled eyes he said, “Thank you so much for providing us such a beautiful house.”

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