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Nepal Earthquake Relief Efforts – Believers Eastern Church

Nepal is struggling to overcome the damages that caused by the recent earthquake. The death toll has crossed 7,000 and over eight million people are affected. The survivors are living in open places as the tremors continue – the bad weather and the shortage of food, water, medical care and sanitation facilities make their survival more difficult.


Believers Church has started the relief works in different places. Despite the poor weather condition and destroyed transportation facilities, our volunteers have been able to reach out to the victims in mountainous and remote villages with immediate help.

To date, we have distributed food supplies, water, medicines, blankets and plastic sheets to make tents, which have helped tens of thousands of people. We have also accommodated over 400 families in a Diocese of Kathmandu church compound and provided them with their most basic needs. The relief work is ongoing, especially in the two hardest hit and extremely remote districts of Gorkha and Sindhupalchok.

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