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Don’t Let Fear Rule Your Life


December 18, 2020

From the time we are young, it seems we are always afraid of something—whether that thing is real or imaginary. It is natural, like breathing. We fear both the known and the unknown. And even though studies show most things we fear seldom happen, we continue to be afraid.

Job was a man who seemed to have everything going for him. He had respect, wealth, healthy children and a multitude of servants. His influence stretched far and wide, and he was even called the greatest of the men of the East (see Job 1:1–3).

But even when everything was going well for him, Job was afraid. Soon all that he had was destroyed in one crisis after another. And after sitting in ashes, not speaking for seven days, Job made a very revealing statement: “The thing I greatly feared has come upon me” (see Job 2:13; 3:25, emphasis mine).

That means when all of Job’s cattle were safe, he feared they would be taken. When his children were healthy and secure, he feared they would perish. In fact, he was so concerned that they might sin unintentionally that he regularly offered sacrifices on their behalf, as a preventative measure to be sure they were in good standing with God (see Job 1:5).

I have found that it is often when things are going especially well that we start to fear things will go awry. We tend to think, All good things must come to an end and What goes up must come down. Unfortunately, that theory means the more we are given, the more we have to worry about losing—whether authority, status, respect, money or people. It is very easy for fearful thoughts to sneak in—thoughts that maybe everything will fail or fall apart.

I know of several able people, even believers, who made a shipwreck of their lives by giving in to fear about the financial security of their future. Many others were destroyed because they gave into fear that people were out to get them, or that catastrophes would happen to them.

Consider King Saul. He was terrified of what might happen to him if David continued gaining popularity, and he strove to prevent David’s success. But in the end, it was Saul who lost out on everything.

Instead of taking responsibility for the negative thoughts of fear, there are times for all of us that we allow these fears to control us and we begin to try and preserve our own life. And when we do that, we are stepping into the realm of uncertainty and instability. As Christ’s Church—His bride—we must remember that God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7).

Take the First Steps

1. Consider the fears that are weighing on your mind and heart today.

2. Ask God to help you trust in his plan and provision, and choose to live and act out of love and not fear.

3. Actively give thanks to the Lord and praise Him for something today.


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