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Diocese of Churachandpur Holds Youth Retreat

November 24, 2022

Around 100 youth attended the one-day youth retreat organized by the Believers Eastern Church Churachandpur Diocesan Youth Fellowship team on 19 November 2022. There were four speakers who gave the youth inspiring messages on various topics such as “How to find purpose in life”, “Youth and drugs”, Christian love and marriage” and “The faith and

Parish in Diocese of Gorakhpur Holds Youth Retreat

September 5, 2022

More than 100 young people took part in a youth retreat organized by a Believers Eastern Church local parish in Azamgarh district on 1 September 2022. It was a great time of learning, togetherness and fun as the youth spent meaningful time in worshipping God, listening to God’s Word and learning new songs and more.

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