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We are all on a journey. The very nature of every journey is that you end up some place other than where you started. We know that many believers and churches have travelled a similar journey as we have and are looking to be part of a like-minded, Christ-centered body of churches.

Whatever way God might be calling you, your church can be part of a dynamic, growing ancient-future movement; we invite you to consider if God might be calling you to be part of Believers Eastern Church. Seeking to walk the narrow way as a church is never easy, but it's much more difficult when you try to do it alone. Grounded and growing in the orthodox trail, we can help you find the balance of adhering to the ancient faith while taking that faith in a powerful way to a generation who must know Christ.

If you sense the Lord calling you to be a part of Believers Eastern Church, we ask that you take the first step in that process and prayerfully learn more about our church. Step one of our four-step process will help you and us discern if it's God's will for you to be part of us.


Please learn about us!

We ask that you start with the About and Our Churches sections on our website. Next, there are three books that we believe will be extremely helpful in the discernment process before applying for affiliation. We believe it's really important for you to understand who and what we are as a church before moving forward.

To learn more about us, please read in entirety the following sections of our website: Then download and read the following books:

If God speaks to your heart through the above books about Believers Eastern Church, and you believe He is calling you to join us, we ask that you take the next step in the process.


If, after learning about us more in-depth, you continue to believe God is calling you to join us, please fill out the initial application. Our Board for Affiliation will review it, talk with you over the phone, and then make a decision if we believe God is calling you to take the next step.

Please fill out the online application located here Online Application The whole application takes approximately one hour to fill out.


The candidate stage helps you grow in becoming a part of Believers Eastern Church. This involves training, participation in Believers Eastern Church events and a continuing discernment process. This includes growing in three major areas:

  • Doctrine and theology
  • The life of your church (worship and ministries)
  • Development of relationships within Believers Eastern Church.

This process normally takes approximately 6–18 months.


As you officially become a parish of Believers Eastern Church, we both covenant together to live and function as a church. We launch your official membership with a celebration service that is attended and partially led by one or more of our senior clergy.

Privacy Policy: We will not sell, lease or trade your information.