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Christian Theological


In our Christian walk, everything we do is, and should be, about worshiping Christ. When it come to the building in which we worship the Lord, it’s no different.

Church Building

A place of worship is a sacred place, set apart to honor God. Because of this, we use terms that are set apart specifically for the Church.

For example:

•We use the word “narthex” for the entry of the Church instead of “lobby.”

•Instead of “auditorium,” we call the room where God’s people gather for worship the “nave.”

•We say “sanctuary” instead of “stage” because a worship service is not a performance.

•Instead of calling the people of God the “audience,” we say “congregation,” because a worship service is participated in by all the people joining together in worship and not just observing the service from a distance.

These special terms help keep our hearts and minds engaged in the reality that we are not just in a normal building space, but a holy place, completely set apart for worshiping and honoring the Lord.

Candle Table

Jesus said, “I am the light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life.” (John 8:12).

Lighting a candle helps us take the time to slow down, pause, reflect and pray. It is a conscious and purposeful refocusing of our heart, mind and body, acknowledging that we have now entered the place where we worship the Almighty God. The glow of multiple candles burning at once is a physical reminder of God’s many people praying together as one.

This table, full of candles lit, serves as a reminder that we have all come together for worship, joined by Christ, who is the Light of the World.


When you first walk into the nave, you will notice a large and ornate curtain. This curtain is a physical threshold that helps separate the different places of the worship space. On one side we have the nave; the gathering of God’s people. On the other side we have the sanctuary, where the altar table is kept. It’s a tangible reminder that we are now entering into a different space. As the curtains open, it reveals a picture of what is happening in heaven, the ongoing worship of the Lamb who sits upon the throne.

The curtain is only open when sacramental activities are taking place, such as partaking in Holy Communion or conducting a wedding. This is not to be confused with the curtain of the Old Testament that separated the holy of holies. Rather, it serves as a beautiful reminder of the worship that began before the world was formed and which will continue on into eternity.

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