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Diocese of Hubli Opens Seven Literacy Centers to Empower Women through Literacy

September 17, 2021

In observance of International Literacy Day, Believers Eastern Church Diocese of Hubli organized literacy awareness programs and started adult literacy centers at different villages on 8 September 2021. Women’s Fellowship teams from the diocese reached out to illiterate women in nearby villages, including slums and taught them the basics of reading and writing. They also

International Literacy Day: Diocese of Imphal Opens Three New Adult Literacy Centers

September 9, 2021

On 8 Septmeber 2021, on the occasion of International Literacy Day, the Women’s Fellowship teams in Believers Eastern Church Diocese of Imphal inaugurated new adult literacy centers at three different villages with the aim of equipping illiterate women with literacy skills. The Women’s Fellowship teams also took initiative to teach the basics of reading and

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