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Five Brothers Rescued From a Slum

Fourteen-year-old Rajesh worked over 70 hours a week in a Motor Repair Shop near his home in a Delhi slum. It wasn’t enough. His younger siblings—Rajeev, Sarvan, Radha, Raja and Raj—were malnourished and missing school.

The children’s father abandoned the family years ago after which their mother had to take up menial jobs to help support them. But after a prolonged illness, she also died, leaving them alone to fend for themselves. It was now up to Rajesh to care for his siblings and pay the bills. He spent most of his time working and the rest in housework.

Then things got worse. Not liking the risk of child tenants, their landlord threw them out of their home. They were alone in the slum without a roof over their heads. The youngest boy was becoming skin and bones. Alone and with no one in the world to turn to for help, they were struggling to keep themselves alive.

Asha Grih learned about the children after a concerned teacher informed Delhi’s Child Helpline about their condition. The staff welcomed the wary boys into Asha Grih, fed them a good dinner, cleaned them up and sent them to sleep. Their sister was placed in a nearby home for girls. Realizing Asha Grih was a safe place, the brothers began to relax. Free from time-consuming child labor, Rajesh learned the alphabet and spent time studying. Eventually he started school—for the first time ever.

Today, they are a part of Asha Grih family and are so grateful to have so many people around them to love and care for them. Rajesh and Rajeev who never had much schooling, are especially glad that they too can go to school and study like normal children.

The children are no longer alone. They have so many people around them to love and care for them at Asha Grih. They are developing in many areas and the future is full of potential.

Asha Grih is truly a home of hope for kids like Rajesh and his brothers.

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