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An Unexpected Gift Brings Hope to a Heartbroken Widow

Kamala and her husband Narayanlal were in the midst of building a new home as the family looked toward their future.

But the future suddenly changed when an accident stole Narayanlal’s life. Kamala unexpectedly found herself a widow and a single mother. She and her children grieved deeply. They had lost husband, father and dreams. Not only that, but Narayanlal’s income was gone and they had no way to survive on their own. Kamala now had to depend on her in-laws for everything.

The new widow was left with nothing. Nothing, that is, until Believers Eastern Church learned of her need and offered something she never expected—a source of income. It came in the form of a buffalo.

Tears filled Kamala’s eyes as she realized what this meant. Not only would the buffalo’s milk meet her financial needs, it would also strengthen her children.

“My children will have milk to drink and other milk products such as cheese, curd and buttermilk for their food,” Kamala said. “And my children will grow healthy as the buffalo milk is nutritious.” Her face brightened with hope. “Thank you so much for being concerned about my pitiful situation.”

Though she has lost much, Kamala is now confident that she can provide for her growing children.

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