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An Illiterate Mother Becomes an Inspiring Student

Urmila was troubled. Like any concerned mother, she wanted her children to succeed. But she felt unable to help them learn and grow because she had never been to school herself.

She had to depend on her husband Hari for even simple things like reading the newspaper. She wanted to learn to read and write, but there was no one to teach her.

In the meantime, Believers Eastern Church started a weekly literacy class for illiterate women in her community. Mayawati and the other students soon mastered the alphabets. She learned attentively during the classes and practiced regularly at home. Her husband encouraged in the development of her skills. Her quick progress encouraged the other women to also give their best.

Now Mayawati can read and write. “When I was able to read by myself for the first time,” she said, “I felt very excited and as if I was the only person in the world who can read.” Literacy has eased Mayawati’s worries, enabling her to learn, inspire others and gain confidence as a parent.


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