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A Life Changed

Aravind was a skinny seven-year-old with an eye problem triggered by malnutrition. His scarce meals consisted of roti made out of maize, potato curry and whatever vegetables would grow in the family’s dry piece of Rajasthani soil. The family could not even afford rice or dal.

Aravind’s father Hukka, a daily wage laborer, was unable to find work locally to sustain his family. So he began going to Gujarat to labor there. Little Aravind only saw his father once in one or two months when Hukka would return to their mud house to deliver his earnings. Hukka’s wife Rajina had to manage everything with that amount until her husband returned again.

It was a pathetic sight to see Aravind walking barefoot to school in his old worn out clothes. He carried his books in a polythene bag since it was the only thing he had. Making his situation worse, he could not see anything after sunset due to his weak eyes.

At this time, Believers Eastern Church gave him the opportunity to join the nearby Bridge of Hope center. He was overwhelmed by the care he received. The staff treated his eye problem and gave him healthy food, including fruit and milk, which he had never gotten a chance to eat. He was also provided with a new school uniform, shoes, books, winter clothes and hygiene materials. He had never used shampoo before, and the moment he got it for the first time, his eyes filled with tears of thankfulness.

Because Aravind was getting the finest nutrition, his physical condition began to improve. His previously fragile body became healthy and strong. He regained his vision and can now see things without any difficulty. He learned to stay neat and tidy and now he walks to school with proper dress, carrying a new bag filled with all the school supplies he needs. His face is filled with hope for the future.

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