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Faith and Beliefs


The faith of Believers Eastern Church is rooted in the Apostle’s doctrine and holy traditions of the ancient Church, as revealed in the 66 books of the Bible, the inerrant and infallible Word of God. We are evangelical in nature and believe that the Church universal has only one faith, continued unbroken through the teachings of the ancient Church Fathers, aswas preserved in the Nicene and Apostle’s Creeds and affirmed by the seven Ecumenical Church Councils, especially, Nicaea, Constantinople and Ephesus.

Adhering to the biblical faith of the ancient Cchurch is orthodoxy, so therefore, we do not claim any unique theology or worship practice , but hold fast to that which has been the common, Scripturally -based faith from the beginning. However, each generation needs to practice and teach this orthodox faith in a way that is understood and applicable by its culture and era.


The ancient Creed established at the Councils of Nicaea (325 A.D) and Constantinople (381 A.D.), known as the Nicene Creed, is the plumb line for the true orthodox faith. It summarizes and preserves the 2000-year-old core beliefs of Christianity, especially regarding the Trinity and the Church. Believers Eastern Church acknowledges the Nicene Creed as the official statement of faith for our church. It is a regular part of our worship services.

Which one would you want a child to do ? Learning in a class room or toiling under a scorching sun.

Educating children for a brighter tomorrow

Unfortunately, education still remains just a distant dream for 168 million children around the world who are forced into child labor, which robs them of their childhood, health and education, thus trapping them in a perpetual cycle of poverty.

  • ensuring quality education
  • improving nutrition
  • providing school supplies
  • bringing healthcare

Our Work

We are transforming the lives of 74, 000 children in need through providing them education, holistic care and support and a hope of a brighter tomorrow.

Ensuring quality education

We complement formal schooling by providing tutoring to underprivileged children and thus facilitate their integration into mainstream schools and give them the opportunity to reach their full potential.

providing school supplies

Imagine going to school with a worn-out uniform & school bag while your peers come with new books, bags & uniforms.

bringing healthcare

Millions of children die globally each year, mostly from preventable or easily treatable causes.

improving nutrition

Good nutrition is essential to children’s growth and health. But, did you know 48.2 million children in India are stunted due to malnutrition?

street children the invisible & forgotten children of the world

What do you see when you look at this street child? Do you see hunger, pain or fear in his eyes?

There are millions of children like him in India who live on the streets without proper care and shelter. Forsaken and left to fend for themselves, they scavenge for food from garbage heap or beg on the streets just so they can fill their empty stomach.

homes of hope for street children

We run two homes for children rescued from the streets & provide them with what they need most - food, shelter, education, medical care & love. The homes help the children recover from exploitation, begging & child labor by giving them protection, love, development opportunities & a future to look forward to.

our schools scattered across the nation strive to bring quality education

schools for the future

Our schools scattered across the nation strive to bring quality and value-based education to its diverse student body and prepare them to excel in their individual vocational callings and become successful global citizens of tomorrow.

stories of change

  • Five Brothers Rescued From a Slum

    Fourteen-year-old Rajesh worked over 70 hours a week in a Motor Repair Shop near his home in a Delhi slum. It wasn’t enough. His younger...

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  • A Life Changed

    Aravind was a skinny seven-year-old with an eye problem triggered by malnutrition. His scarce meals consisted of roti made out of maize, potato curry and...

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