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You’ve heard their stories, and haven’t masked your eyes. Now you can help.

Believers Eastern Church is at the forefront of providing meals to those who have been stranded due to COVID-19. You can join in. Only 25 Rs can provide a meal for them.


Donations are Secure

Your Impact, in Action.

Give a Meal

It didn’t matter that she was pregnant. She had to journey to Barbanki from Delhi in order to save her family. Along the way her hope crumbled as she got stranded at the border with her hungry kids for 2 days, having only biscuits and water. On the verge of giving up, a mini lorry crossing the border offered to help them to resume their journey. Our team could meet this courageous mother and her kids with a meal to ignite their hopes and to satiate their hunger.

Having lost his job, this migrant worker from Haryana decided to go back home. While sleeping on the side of the road one night, he was robbed of all his possessions. Empty-handed, yet he continued his journey as he had no other options. Our team met him at the right time and gave him what he needed the most.

He is a vegetable seller in Mumbai. 20 days without work made him decide to go back home. He started cycling with his wife and small child. 12 days and 1800km later, our team met him with food and water. He was only 100km away from his destination: Sitapur.


How does donation work? Go to the donation page, enter your details and click donate. It’s simple! We use some of the largest payment processors in the world, so your information is secure, and we accept most debit cards, credit cards, and Netbanking for most major banks. After you donate, you will automatically receive a receipt at the email address you specify.

Does my donation make a difference? Yes! Your donation makes a huge difference. You can follow updates on the campaign on our facebook page and in our news section.

How are labourers helped? Believers Eastern Church dioceses cook warm food every day and safely deliver food to labourers in need on the roadways and at other locations of need. We focus on packaging food for easy delivery and to minimize social contact.

What else can I do to help? Spread the word on social media by using the hashtag #GiveAMeal and share this page with your friends and family.

Privacy Policy: We will not sell, lease or trade your information.

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