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God is Looking for Humble, Simple People


August 28, 2019

Have you ever thought about the fact that both Judas and Peter denied Christ? Yet one committed suicide and the other became one of the greatest leaders of the Church, opening the door for the whole world, including Gentiles, to receive the Good News of His kingdom.

What was the difference?

Judas had all the privileges Peter had. He was one of the people that Jesus sent out two-by-two to heal the sick, cast out demons and preach the Good News. But through all his learning and experiences and being tutored by God Himself, he was not honest. There was deception in him. There was duplicity. A pretense of being something that deep inside he was not.

But Peter was different. Even though he was always making all kinds of blunders and doing crazy things, his faith was sincere. There was no deception in him.

I think God is always looking for people like this, who are not necessarily perfect or sure of all the answers but are honest and simple. Peter’s faith may have been weak, but it was sincere, and God could make it strong. That is why Peter made it in the end.

When we feel weighed down by our own struggles and failings, let us fix our eyes on Jesus and continue following after Him. He is waiting to show Himself mighty on our behalf in this generation.


A Journey with Jesus to the Cross (e-book)


Season of Lent is a journey to spiritual growth, renewal and an opportunity to know the Lord Jesus more intimately and closely. We must hear the Lord speaking to us all along the way as the journey continues so that our heart-attitude will become more like His. The way to attain this is by deliberately choosing an attitude of confession, denying of self, fasting, meditation, prayer and supplication. And, the life is enriched with humility of Christ and service to others. This daily devotional will do just that: bringing the focus upon Jesus and enabling spiritual renewal in our walk with the Lord.

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