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21 Day Challenge: Think These Thoughts To Start Your Day Right


May 7, 2020

Day 1. “In the beginning God…” (Gen 1:1) All that is visible and invisible was created by God out of nothing. His thoughts that are invisible became visible when He spoke words and created all – from nothing pre-existing. He is the same yesterday today and forever. His words of promises are ours to experience today. Believe.

Day 2. Have you ever tried to look upon the bright sun? If you did, you know it is impossible to do so even for a couple of seconds – due to its great heat, light and power. How silly it is for us to even imagine that we can fathom the Creator of all heavenly bodies, compared to which our sun is but a speck! How great is our God! Why do we hesitate to trust Him with our life and all? Think.

Day 3. God did not create anything in vain (Isaiah 45:18). There is nothing that we face in life which is not known to Him, and this loving God will cause all things to work out for our good in the end. God is not the author of evil but, His allowing it has the mystery of creating good through it all.

Day 4. The more we know ourselves, the more we get disappointed. But the more we know God, the more we love Him and the more we learn to forgive and love ourselves and others.

Day 5. Without kindness and honest love, all our brilliant acts or deeds count as nothing before God.

Day 6. Human reason is the enemy of the true knowledge of God. This is why the Lord Jesus said, ‘you must become like little children to enter into the beauty of life in God’s world!’.

Day 7. Discipline yourself to think good thoughts; for the enemy is always seeking to fill your mind with negative thoughts – his means to damage your peace.

Day 8. Whenever difficult or unpleasant things happen to you, meditate on Christ’s life and teach yourself to be silent. You will find peace.

Day 9. To know and do the will of God, one must despise his/her own will. The proof of true obedience to God’s will is our obedience to our human authorities that God allows in our lives.

Day 10. Never forget – the one who thinks he is holy is in greater danger of pride and alienation from God. The sinner who is repentant for his failures is closer to God and reflects humility.

Day 11. Learn to give compliments to at least two people a day and your emotions will become more and more positive. Start with your own family and neighbors.

Day 12. People die on the inside for the lack of encouragement but they thrive on compliments. Let others live, by your words of affirmation.

Day 13. Your attitude will make all the difference between your successes or failures in life. Maintain a positive attitude – God is on your side.

Day 14. Without a kind and loving attitude, all the convincing speeches and admonitions will do no good. Let your words and inner thoughts be the same.

Day 15. We are created by our God with the freedom to choose. No matter what the external stimuli may be, you always have the freedom to choose. Don’t forget it.

Day 16. Prayer is not begging God for things. Prayer is surrendering oneself to God with all the good and bad and listening with the ears of our hearts in silence for His answer.

Day 17. We cannot truly love anyone without pain. A mother gives birth to her children in pain, but that pain is filled with love. Love always produces life. Make love and kindness the goal of your life.

Day 18. One of the greatest gifts you can give to others is to ‘smile’ and speak kindly to them. Learn to smile; it costs you nothing but gains much.

Day 19. Cut off friendships and associations with negative people. They will only pull you down and make you become like them. It is far better to be lonely and alone than be in bad company.

Day 20. We sin more when we avoid doing the right things, even when no one notices. This is known as the sin of omission.

Day 21. The world is full of dreamers and creative people but it takes courage, determination and action to achieve anything good and great in life.


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